Measurement technology is not only important for atomisation technology!

Measurement technology plays an enormously important role in the entire field of process engineering and production! Of course also in atomisation and nozzle technology.

Without reliable and reproducible measurement data, physical processes hardly be evaluated or optimized. This is why we support your individual project not only with comprehensive know-how in nozzle technology, but also with an almost unique service in measurement technology.

Physical quantities must therefore be measured using suitable measurement technology.

In the field of nozzle technology and the associated fluid mechanics these include:

Pressure differences of liquids and gases.

Volume flows of operating fluids, if necessary their flow velocities.

Rheological properties of fluids. These are primarily viscosities, densities and surface tensions as function of temperature, if applicable.

Temperatures of operating materials; these have an influence on the rheological data.

Drop sizes and their distribution in sprays. Possibly additional drop speeds and momentums.

If the relevant measurement data are not known, they must either be determined by measurements or defined in a project definition. Of course, our team will help you with the procurement or determination of this important information within the scope of the joint project implementation. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and modern measuring equipment for this purpose.

Some examples for the application of measurement technology:

The modern measuring technology for non-contact measurements of drop size distributions and speeds.

In surface and painting technology, i.e. the application of liquids or suspensions to surfaces, the droplet size distributions in a spray as well as the respective droplet speeds must have default values.

If unfavourable conditions are exist, the surface quality may be not satisfactory. In addition to this,  problems with overspray occur if the spray pulse is too high.

The rheology of paints and varnishes plays a role of similar imprtance as volume flows and pressures. In addition, there may be interfacial and splash effects.

The flow behaviour of non-Newtonian liquids must often be taken into account! Measurement technology plays a major role here.

Ideally, drops must have certain and defined sizes in the entire application area of print technology. In addition, the momentum and, of course, the operational safety play an important role.

In addition, colors to be processed often exhibit a so-called non-Newtonian flow behavior. This makes the atomization process more difficult. Isolated solid components are present in the fluid to be atomized. This special circumstance must also be taken into account.

Special demands on measuring technology are to be made in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

In pharmaceutical and food industries, rheologically problematic fluids often have to be atomized. When coating solids, the droplet size distributions and the spray momentum must be adapted to the respective conditions.

Flow fields must be determined using suitable CFD measurement techniques or methods. This is the only way to detect desired recirculations or eddy water areas.

Measurement technology for spray properties at nozzles and atomizers.

One of the most important tasks in nozzle technology is certainly the measurement of complete droplet size distributions. This naturally requires a special measuring technique. Ideally, this should work non-invasive. This is the state of the art today.

This means that the spray properties must not be changed by the measuring technique. Therefore probes and separators are beyond question. The selected measurement technology must of course also be capable of measuring the entire and complete droplet size spectrum!

Dangers lurk here!

If only information is available on so-called characteristic drop diameters, for example the mean drop diameter d50 or the Sauter diameter d32, this is by no means sufficient! The spray property cannot be described with these values alone! If issues in the field of cooling or combustion technology have to be clarified, the drop speeds also play an important role.

So if the spray properties at a nozzle are not known, it literally means "a poking in the mist". Neither target-oriented optimization measures in nozzle technology nor further calculations of mass and heat transfer can be reliably carried out if the spray characteristics are not known in detail. For example, for subsequent calculations and optimizations using CFD.

If drops or liquid jets hit surfaces, splash effects may occur. This can also produce secondary drops.

Splash and bounce effects.

The behaviour during impact of drops or liquid jets on surfaces is of great importance in special applications. Often these processes are very fast and cannot be seen with the eye.

If such splash or bounce effects need to be examined more closely, high-speed recording techniques are used. In conjunction with a special illumination technology, even fast-moving processes can be depicted and evaluated in high resolution.

A typical field of application is, for example, the investigation of drop impact phenomena on vehicles. If small secondary drops and unwanted soiling of body parts occur during a drop impact, this can be avoided, for example, by adapted surface contours and optimised flow contours.

The measurement technology helps to precisely examine even fast-moving processes.

Of course, the necessary technical equipment is available to evaluate even complicated and rapid impact and fragmentation effects reproducibly.

With a specific technology also defined single drops can be accelerated to desired speeds. Without secondary droplet disintegration! The impact effects of the drops on surfaces can thus be observed precisely. This is of particular interest, for example, for certain issues in the automotive industry.

We measure the rheological properties of your liquids for you!

Measurement technology for rheological properties of fluids.

In addition to the important spray properties, rheological properties of liquids and gases relevant to atomisation technology must be known. In the field of nozzle technology, viscosity, density and surface tension play an important role.

It is well known, for example, that water can be atomized relatively easy and fine by a single-substance pressure nozzle. However, if a viscous oil is to be finely atomized, this can be problematic under certain circumstances.

The measurement of important rheological data, also as a function of temperature, is a service we gladly take over for you.

We can also handle complicated measurement technology tasks for you! Experienced specialists and an extensive rheology laboratory are available for this purpose.
Measurement technology for pressures and volume flow rates, high-speed recordings and liquid crystal technology.

Our test benches are of course fully equipped. In addition, it can be flexibly used and supplemented. This means that we not only measure the respective droplet size distributions and speeds, but also, for example, the associated operating parameters of the nozzles and atomizers. This means pressure differences of liquids and gases as well as their volume or mass flow rates.

Special equipment is also available for high-speed recording of fast-moving effects.

Here we have special know-how!

We have many years of experience in the field of liquid crystal measurement technology. If required, we can also procure encapsulated tracer particles to display velocity and temperature fields in transparent flows simulaneosly! With this innovative method, surface temperatures can be visualized. This measuring technique is also used to display dead water areas including the temperature distribution.

We are happy to receive tasks in the entire field of flow measurement technology for you!

The especially trained team take over the necessary measuring tasks for you! Of course, we do not only use measurement technology in joint projects for nozzle optimization.

Upon request, we can also provide separate measurements as a service to optimize your production or process engineering task.

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