Custom nozzles and individual solutions for your tasks

When are custom spray nozzles and individual solutions required?

Basically when standard nozzles and the so-called catalogue product do not lead to the desired result. There are many reasons for this! Either particularly problematic liquids have to be atomised. Or special requirements are placed on flow rates or spray properties.

It is of course always usefull to check whether a concrete task can be solved with commercially available nozzles.

Benefit from the support of our team!

Because we always check in your interest whether and how a given task can be solved with already available atomizers! This is certainly a cheap and fast way. Of course, we will be happy to procure these nozzles for you on request!

In this case, independent of the manufacturer's own interests - i. e. definitely neutral - and committed only to your task solution!

The advantage for you in this case is obvious!

Our experts know exactly what is important for atomizers. They do not regard atomization isolated, but include the relevant boundary conditions in their research.

And of course they also know which critical questions are to be addressed to potential suppliers. We consequently only represent your interests.

If special nozzles are required!

Experience has shown that complicated tasks can often only be solved with custom-build nozzles.

A special nozzle for atomizing highly viscous liquids into fine droplets.
  • Often liquids or suspensions are to be atomized, whose rheological properties are clearly different from those of water.
  • Nozzles should cover relatively large flow-rate ranges.
  • Overspray and contamination of the environment must be avoided!
  • Nozzles should be well controllable and able to react to changes. Viscosity can change, for example, due to temperatures or concentration of fluid components!
  • Characteristic curves are required in order to achieve optimum system control.
  • Occasionally it is necessary to atomize very low liquid volume rates. Or nozzles have to be particularly compact. Nozzles must not clog!

The attempt to reach the goal with standard nozzles often fails.

And that is of course especially annoying! Misinvestments mean a lot of lost money and unnecessary waste of time.

The development of custom build nozzles is our passion!

After a detailed analysis of the problem, we will propose solutions for the nozzle technologies in question. We weigh the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of nozzles in a neutral and targeted manner. Only the best solution is chosen!

The concept of a first prototype is often the result of the first development step. Depending on the task and complexity, CFD calculations, similarity theoretical laboratory tests or initial test series in your company may be considered.

We are particularly flexible in this area!

For example, we can produce samples and prototypes at low cost using our own 3D printers or, if required, have them produced by our long-standing service providers. We design inexpensive test series and carry them out efficiently in our own test rigs.

After all, what is the use of a nozzle technology that meets certain requirements, but is still problematic in your process engineering or production? Therefore, the optimal integration of special nozzle technologies into your process is of course one of our tasks.

The big advantage and success for you!

The advantage for you is important!

You invest your time in the core business.

Experienced specialists take care of the development, optimization and procurement of the necessary nozzle technology and its integration.

You will of course receive regularly updated status reports.

In this way, you are always informed about the current status of developments and can intervene in development immediately if necessary.

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