Process optimization - For atomization technology, process engineering and production

A structured process optimization helps you to save time and costs. And perhaps more importantly! It avoids trouble with customers and partners.

Unsatisfied customers naturally choose other suppliers and service providers. With the consequence that you lose a good client. But perhaps this can be even more dramatic! Your reputation suffers and you are considered unreliable.

Only efficient and well-structured processes generate competitive advantages and stand out from competitors. Apart from the avoidance of costly production disruptions or even defects in product quality. Consistent and target-oriented process optimization can help you here.

The expert team of IBR Zerstäubungstechnik GmbH consists of specialists for nozzle technology, fluid mechanics, rheology and numerical flow calculation, CFD. In addition, the team includes two renowned experts in dimensional analysis and similarity theory.

If required, a complete team of engineers and physicists will be at your side to support you efficiently and competently in the necessary process optimization.

These guarantee that you receive well-founded support in optimising your individual process in process engineering or production. You can and should expect this from an engineering company!

The IBR team supports you from the planning of process optimization to the commissioning of your production.

Process optimization is a complex procedure

Many aspects have to be taken into account right from the initial planning stage. It is important, for example, that the effort and the planned benefit are in a useful relationship to each other. Costs therefore play an important role here.

At the same time, the periods for the development and implementation of new processes must be calculated. In combination with the desired product quality and quantity, optimum efficiency must be achieved.

All influencing variables involved in the entire optimization process must be taken into account and evaluated. Only then a cost-effective and advantageous solution is feasible.

Why you should not wait too long with process optimization!

Do not wait too long with the required process optimization!

The often pronounced sentence "We have always done this" must no longer be valid in view of increasing globalisation and ever-increasing competition.

The reason for this is a very simple one.

Competitors on the international market are constantly looking for new and efficient methods to produce a certain product cost-effectively and at the same time in excellent quality. Or competitors are constantly working on being able to offer services even more cheaply and flexibly.

We always examine the potential of process optimization in your interest!

Either as part of a joint project in nozzle technology or as a separate order in the process optimization of your process technology or production.

And experience proves us right!

Process optimization to minimize costs and increase process reliability is almost always possible and sensible. Regardless of the specific application.

Sometimes even a few simple changes in a complicated process are enough to generate significant benefits.

This can be, for example, a considerable saving in the amount of compressed air required. Or operational reliability can be significantly improved. Blockages no longer occur or occur much less frequently, and cleaning processes no longer have to be carried out as often. Costly raw materials can be saved. Products can be offered at a particularly favourable price.

These few examples show that it is almost always possible to generate competitive advantages and possibly even to achieve or strengthen market leadership.

And this is exactly where we are your partner! We are not only specialists in nozzle technology, but also have renowned engineers and experts in process engineering and fluid mechanics.

Some employees have many years of teaching experience at universities and universities of applied sciences and are also nominated experts and reviewers in recognised German expert associations.

If required, the entire team is at your disposal for process optimization!

Process optimization: Not only know-how, but also hardware and software

Of course, this is also part of our full service for you! We support you not only with our scientific know-how and many years of practical experience, but also with comprehensive hardware and software.

If necessary, we carry out comprehensive measurements and optimizations in our own test benches. Among other things, these are equipped with laser-optical measuring technology. Thus, for example, we can measure not only drop sizes but also drop speeds without contact. A great advantage when it comes to mass and heat transfer calculations.

Process optimization also often requires rheological investigations.

Process optimization also often requires rheological investigations. Therefore, certain flow properties of liquids or suspensions have to be determined.

In this case, specially trained staff in fully equipped rheology laboratories determine the required measurement data. Of course also as a function of fluid temperature and for non-Newtonian liquids.

Let us now discuss the potential of process optimization!

Let us now discuss the potential of process optimization!

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