Custom spray nozzles and complete spraying techniques to solve your task

Do you need custom nozzles and spray technology solutions for your application?

Do you want to improve your production, process engineering or product quality?

Do you develop a new product?

Do you need innovative ideas and solutions?

Also in fluid mechanics and process optimization?

Custom spray nozzles and atomizers to meet your requirements

Of course also in small quantities and in special materials! From custom nozzles for small flowrates to steam-heated nozzle lances for highly viscous media.

Coming up with individual nebulisers for the optimal solution of your atomisation technology task. Comprehensive consulting and integration of the nozzle technology into your process engineering and production including!

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Characteristic curves and calculation equations for intelligent nozzle technology

Characteristic curves for intelligent nozzle technology.

Often, nozzles and atomizers must react flexibly and reliably to changing operating conditions. Material properties, flow rates or pressures often change. It is also important that critical limits are known in the interest of operational safety and product quality.

We use special software to create individual characteristic curves for the operation of nozzles. Of course, we also offer calculations using numerical fluid mechanics (CFD).

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Rheology for atomization technology and fluid mechanics.

Rheology for atomization technology and fluid mechanic.

The essential questions are therefore:

  • What is the viscosity of the liquid?
  • Are density and surface tension known?
  • Is it a Newtonian liquid?

These are questions that must be clarified in advance!

Are these relevant rheological parameters of your fluid or suspension unknown? That is no problem either! Then we will be happy to determine the data for you in our laboratory.

We measure the rheology of your fluids for you!

We use modern spray measurement technology to determine drop sizes and velocities.

Drop size distributions and velocities

Using laser-optical spray measurement technology, we can determine complete droplet size spectra and drop velocities for you. Naturally noninvasive and thus distortion free!

The use of complex liquids or suspensions is also possible in existing test benches. If required, we provide model fluids for your measurements!

We also offer this as a separate service to evaluate existing nozzle systems. This provides you with information on the optimization potential in terms of your production and process optimization!

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Process optimization by intelligent atomizers and effective fluid mechanics

Process optimization by intelligent atomizers and effective fluid mechanics

Not only nozzles alone are responsible for efficient and reliable process control. Flow mechanics nearly always plays an important role.

Therefore, specialists for fluid mechanics including CFD and rheology are available to optimize your production or process engineering system.

Comprehensive know-how is the only way to minimise costs while maximising quality and process reliability.

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Planning, project management and implementation - not only in the area of nozzles!

Planning, project management and implementation - not only in the area of nozzles

The nozzle technology is always in close interaction with other processes and tasks. These can be fluid mechanics issues, tasks in measurement and control engineering or even public authority engineering.

Our engineers will be pleased to support you in the planning of a project.

Your time is short or the necessary capacities are currently not available? Then we could take over the entire project management and execution for you.

Of course, we are not experts in all areas. But thanks to our extensive networks of specialists from universities and experts from our cooperation partners, we can offer you comprehensive full-service from a single source, since we quickly put together teams to solve your task comprehensively!

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Consulting for nozzles and process engineering

We will answer your questions about nozzles and support you!

The first and most important step is clearly to discuss the tasks in the area of nozzles and process engineering. Important aspects can often be clarified during a first telephone conversation.

Wherever possible and reasonable, we will procure commercially available nozzles from various manufacturers quickly at low cost!

Our number is +49 (0)251 - 2 87 99 53-0 and we will be pleased to connect you with the experts for nozzle technology, spray measurement technology and process optimization. Alternatively send us an e-mail now; we will contact you as soon as possible! Of course, you can also use our contact form.